It’s the Fourth of July. And I’m headed to a place I’ve never been and will likely not return there.

It’s my friend’s cottage in northern lower Michigan, but she’s getting a divorce and this cottage is on the market. We’re going to have one last girls’ weekend (probably) before it’s gone. It’s not one of those divorce parties, but we want to have a good time, and there will be some ex-bashing.

Today, they swamped the canoe – two of the four that will be there. I told them they should have had an effigy of the ex (reason for the divorce: he’s “not feeling it” after 24 years) with them and let it sink into oblivion. These are their wet legs.

This happens to be one of the first weekends I have not spent at my husband’s parent’s lake house in around 30 years, so there’s another first. No bashing, here. We’re all getting older. Things are changing.

It’s time to explore places unknown.