Funny story – the first time I went to post this, I didn’t save it. And it was gone.

In these times, it’s so easy to capture and keep a memory. You can make a vid, a selfie, a blog, homemade-chili-sauce-recipe

There are some images and sounds that I wish I’d kept, assuming I had today’s technology, which I did not:

  • my grandfather’s childhood stories,
  • my dad saying, “Okay, sports fans,” and the way he ran around the bases,
  • my mom’s bumblebee yellow dress with black polka dot scarf,
  • her voice, singing hymns, when my brother and I would beg her to stop,
  • my grandmother’s collections (dolls, plates, phones),
  • my great-grandmother embroidering.

I’m sure there are more. I suppose it’s not so much keeping, now, as knowing where to find things and retrieve them. Will we be good archivists?

In the meanwhile, there’s something that I’m determined not to lose, and that’s my mother-in-law’s chili sauce. This stuff is crazy good. Not kidding. When someone opens a Ball jar, they hide it in the refrigerator and pray no one finds it.

I’m going to propose that my oldest daughter (27), my mother-in-law (the best, 88), and I (53) take a weekend to share/transfer this skill. Even her old friend, Pat, doesn’t want to do it anymore. We need to keep this.

Before it’s gone. It’s so easy, between one blink and the next, to lose a thing.

[While writing this, I went looking for images and found two old recipes for chili sauce. Why not try one? I have a vintage cookbook collection. Take a moment out of time.]