It’s over.

Now, everyone is free to create idyllic memories or bitter remembrances, although I can’t imagine anyone there has a wholly unsatisfactory memory of the event.

As my second-cousin, Jim, said: “What an environment!” (He’s had a career as a camp inspector for the State of Michigan and has seen many smaller camps “run on a lot less.”)

Truly, the day was beautiful, 82 degrees and sunny. The food was wholesome and delicious. The company, convivial and on their best behavior, right down to the two-year-old. All childhood insecurities were left behind for several hours (on my part – I can’t speak for the others – until I saw the photos that night…am I really that fat?).

But it was the setting that won the day. My brother and his wife have a way of creating a landscape, full of nooks and crannies, where your eye can travel, your body can breathe fresh rural Ohio air, and everyone can relax.

I’ll only post one picture of a person. Even though my uncle’s in it, pay attention to the surroundings.

I heard my sister-in-law respond to an inquiry about her boys always playing outside. She said they’re just like every other kid – they pry them away from the TV and video games, but once they’re out in it, it’s all good.

Maybe you have to be nostalgic to appreciate it?


Sweeting Reunion 026

Sweeting Reunion 027

Sweeting Reunion 022

Sweeting Reunion 019

Sweeting Reunion 021

Sweeting Reunion 011Yes, there is really a pirate ship on the property.
You enter on the ground level,
and you ascend two sets of stairs.
Ten people can sleep in it.
And it has electricity.

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Sweeting Reunion 029

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