Cherries are in season here in Michigan.

My cherry tomato plant, a present for Mother’s Day, has fruit and it’s ripening, but not fast enough for me. Soon, there will be sweet corn and peaches. I have to wait, what seems like eternity, for the tomatoes and that chili sauce I mentioned.

Things are either pending, in progress, here, or they’re over: each thing to its season.

We’re in an interesting season with our family.

We have aging parents all around us. You watch them and, as a sorority sister said, you find your bright moments. But it’s not the same as the season of raising kids – waiting for first steps, words, school, watching them grow and gain confidence in their person. You think of things to tell them all of the time – – it’s why you see their eyes roll.

On this side of the fence, you’re watching last moments. You hope you get to see them. You want to be able to say everything you need to say. My mom has taken to kissing us all and saying, “I love you,” bluntly and clearly. There’s no doubt what she wants us to know.

Foods come in and out of season. Seasons rotate the calendar. You are aware, cleanly and sharply, of time passing. I think this is the reason I like living in Michigan, where the seasons are pronounced.

It’s true of me that I enjoy living at all ends of the spectrum – I like experiencing the new. I like listening and looking at the old. I dance to current pop. I cry at historic fiction. I like to follow current celebrities and I like to read biographies of people long gone — the last really good one was Marie Antionette, by Antonia Fraser. I have one about Liz Taylor on deck. But I’m not sure I’m doing as well with the full plate, or the spectrum, that is our parents’ lives.

Dishes come in and out of fashion, too. I’m keeping them here to remember the good times, the early days, the bounty.

Here’s a no-bake cherry cheesecake from my childhood. It used to be made with Thank You Brand pie filling, which I understand has changed to Comstock (not as pretty a name). cherry cheesecake (sharlene w)You’ll like it – it’s easy, delicious, and simple to transport.

No-Bake Cherry Cheesecake
(by Sharlene~W|photo credit to same.)

*With appreciation for Ecclesiastes 3:1.