My grandpa taught me how to call the cows in.

They’d be out in one pasture or another, but when milking time comes due, you call them home. The particular phrase changes from one dairy farmer to another. You just have to be consistent and start when they’re young. They’re motivated to come back to the barn, just not particularly smart. Once a few start moving, the rest see the trend and move along, too.

Our call was, “Here, bossy!” I don’t know why someone would call their cows bossy. They are a little dogmatic and don’t like to change directions, but I never had one try to boss me. You just nudge their side with your knee and they move.

At any rate, calling a herd is a heady experience for a kid. You are, quite literally, moving mass across space and much love

What calls people home?

Holidays, to be sure. Responsibility. Memories.

Sometimes, we want reparation. Forgiveness. Love.

Today, my dear friend Julie posted this video of a farmer, calling his cattle in:

It’s called “Serenading my cattle on trombone.” No wonder they all came running. No one could do this unless they were having a really good time. Who doesn’t want to answer this call?

I may have to take up the trombone.

Post-script: Apparently, Eddy Arnold and Slim Whitman made “The Cattle Call” a top county hit. Maybe we should’ve stuck to calling our herds personally. There’s no app to replace that.

*Photo Credit: “Cattle Calling”|flikr/caseydang