You don’t see it coming. It arrives when you’re not looking, the moment to savor.

Years ago, we were heading out to Christmas Eve service with all three kids in the back of the van and I started crying. I made Bill sit in the driveway for a minute with holiday-hopped-up kids and a son who was not looking forward to being the donkey in Baby Jesus’ stable, so I could sit and appreciate the moment.

I remember telling Bill that it was a perfect, poignant moment in time, that I had a feeling things would not be so perfect, again.

This insight is rare for me. There are plenty of other times I’m sure I’ve missed. Until you get to know me, I’m fairly reserved, unless I’m speaking or giving a presentation, and that natural reservation also comes with a healthy (or unhealthy, depending on how you see it) dose of repression.

This week, a colleague told me her middle son has a habit of saying, with ebullience, “Good morning! Look at the sun!” He throws his arms up high over his head, a little spark of light. I was so taken with this unrepressed exhibition of joy, she filmed him for me. I want him to wake me up every day.

I’ve had some really great moments this summer. Photos are my way of capturing a moment. There’s a time, though, behind the lens, when I think I might be better off just standing there, taking it all in, crying in the perfect poignance.

Still, life moves so quickly, and I love having the permanence of the photo to remind me. Behind, tucked away, I go. I’ll savor my Shutterfly photo books, when they arrive in the mail.

This afternoon, I’m savoring having my cat back (he was lost for four days – that’s him on the left, watching me take this picture, his brother on the chair), the peace of the afternoon, the sun making the butterscotch color of my kitchen glow. Tonight, I hope to savor driving some girlfriends downtown, dining al fresco, and the congenial Millpond atmosphere.

I hope I remember. What would the pedestrians do if I stood, threw my hands up to the sky, and shouted, “Good evening! Look at the sunset!”

They’d probably ask for my car keys.


Thinking about posting savored moments….but is it truly savoring if you spread it all around? Can you chronicle savoring?


Decided to post our on the town photo, so I can savor it later.

LeeAnne, Kathy, me and Tracey at Downtown Main
LeeAnne, Kathy, me and Tracey at Downtown Main