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Two Pairs of Keds

This used to be my grandpa’s second dinner.

He’d come in from milking in the barn, his final chore of the day, and sit down to a bowl of warm pie and milk. And I would sit with him. We didn’t talk a lot, but we had the pie between us.

Pie was present at every meal I can remember on the farm, even if there were molasses cookies with hard white icing. Along with the three carbohydrates at the dinner table – potatoes, butter or beef noodles, and bread – you had your choice, usually, of a couple different fruit or berry pies. Maybe a meringue.

Making pie, today, I realized how efficient a product it is. Fruit too ripe? Add tapioca. Fruit not quite ready? Macerate it in a little sugar. Same, if the fruit’s too tart. Overflowing with berries? Make one for your neighbors. Or freeze it…

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