This will be short.

It’s nothing that you haven’t thought before. Don’t like the view? Move.

Someone in my community was shot and killed tonight, both victims of road rage. One paid with his life.

I don’t blame guns anymore than I blame the fire that burned the 15 year old in Illinois or the pressure cooker in Boston, or the planes that flew into the Twin Towers, or the bombs in the Middle East.

I blame the view. The view that tells us life is ugly, people are evil, there is no love, you have no one to understand, that someone needs to be killed to eliminate feelings of hatred.

I believe that evil is increasing a hold on our world. We see these things and we resort to desperation. And despair.

Where is redemption? Is there any out there?

My friend, you hold the binoculars or the telescope. Change the view. And then, share it with someone else.


The featured photo at the top of the page was from an early summer commute, which was clearly a traffic jam. I posted it with: “When starting out the morning, it’s clearly a matter of perspective.” (Facebook, June 5, 2014) Amen?

The lake view through the window?  Allow me to introduce you to a fun new addiction: Yes, folks, you’ll love it.