This could easily be entitled, “I have to get my act together.” Or, “Where has all the time gone?”

One class. That’s all it took. I’ve had part-time jobs with full-time jobs, sat on multiple non-profit boards, had half a dozen commitments going on at one time. But one graduate level class has sucked up all my time.

I’m spending about 8 hours a week on homework; four to five of them are reading, then there’s the actual three hour class, and then, there are the notes. As always, I get to learn my tough lessons empirically. Do I really want a Masters degree? Enough to give up my free time?

There’s a ’70s song, Precious and Few (by Climax), that I keep hearing in my head. The first set of lyrics are “Precious and few are the moments we two can share…and if I can’t find my way back home, it just wouldn’t be fair. Precious and few are the moments we two can share.”

If I could get my act together, I would do my reading during the week and have weekends to enjoy. Life’s short and my kids are generally around, right now.  I decided a long time ago that people are most important. You can’t ever replace the time you missed with your family and friends.

What if I spend time going after something that doesn’t ultimately work out? They can still deny my admittance into Rackham. But what if I could make it, and give away this expensive, but possibly once-in-a-lifetime chance?

I was just starting to play with the idea of writing, of cooking vintage recipes and sharing them. Too many blogs? Too much ego-driven detail? Or a sharing of history?

Can I find time for it all?

My mom said to me, “Jeri Lynn, people find time to do the things they want to do.”  Maybe I will.

Until then, this weekend I used a current recipe for a potluck I’m attending on Monday night. My homework’s done, but I’m happy to have had someone else’s blog to use: (for chocolate zucchini cake).

Hope it’s baked through.  I was doing so many things I forgot to time it.


If you care to comment here, maybe you would share the ways/times you juggled to make it or gave up one thing for another. I’m interested. We’re in this time-juggling together.