Things like this make me crazy.

It’s like watching a soap opera, where you find yourself yelling, “Why don’t you just talk to each other? Why don’t you ask?”

Or, like a horror movie, you sit and think, “This person’s already dead and they don’t even know it. If only they wouldn’t go back in the house/woods/car. Oops. They did.”

When Target opened, they cared.

They had an amazing clothing line for all market groups: women, men, children, babies. Their shoe line was amazing. They rocked the household market, with trendy, affordable product lines…before they sold out to Smith & Hawken and some other up-brands.

I talked to a friend recently about this. We always had an outfit we purchased right off the rack, two we wanted, and several we watched so we could get them on sale, because we had spent our clothing budget at Target already. It was a problem deciding which ones to take home first.

Baby and maternity. Oh, yes.  All three of my kids were raised in Target clothes lines and all three pregnancies were outfitted by Jessica Lange and the regular brands. I counted on them. Now, my colleague is pregnant for twins and can’t even find a pair of leggings.

Their toiletries and dry goods had decent prices, but that’s not why we went. It was on-trend, on point, and gave us a different option than the mall.

Electronics? Yes. I could get some pretty good deals on video games and cameras. Toys? It was a nice selection, but not the primary reason I was there.

Let me tell you about my Target (of over 19 years) today:

  • It’s dirty and a mess.
  • It’s clothing line is a tragedy of cheap tshirts, crappy jackets, ugly prints, and strange sizing.
  • We have a grocery, but who cares? I’m not at Target for broccoli.
  • The shoes are stupid. They no longer carry “career” looks – just club stilettos, which are cute, but seriously?
  • The household line is a toss-off. I can almost find the same thing at Walmart (cringe). Your furniture?? Really?

Guys, this has nothing to DO with your breach of security. You’re not the only ones.

This has everything to do with a failing store that forgot why it’s customers started shopping, that diversified its product line at the expense of its customers, and that forgot to put management in its stores (or pay them appropriate wages) who actually knew how to arrange a rack, create a display, and clean a dressing room without directions from corporate.

Oh, and you should completely fire your buyers for your clothing lines. Try doing some market surveys about it.

“Wait. Don’t go down that road. Don’t answer that door…”

Ding dong. Too late.