This is short. I’ve given it a lot of thought and I just can’t understand it. There are two bike racks outside of Mason Hall. Locked to both are abandoned bikes.

Why? What did they ever do to anybody?

What? Some student just rode up one day, hopped off, went inside for classes and said, “Damn it, I’m not riding that home. I’m walking. Forever.”

These are nice bikes. There’s a really lovely yellow touring bike that I, personally, could enjoy. They stand, or lean, on the racks, waiting for their owners who never come.

I’ve asked about them. Back when there were more funds there was, apparently, a bike crew who posted warnings and then came and clipped their locks, releasing them into new lives. I’m not sure where.

This frustrates me.

In my ED769 (Philanthropy & Development) class, Back Alley Bikes was a nominee for foundation funds, but did not make it to the final round. Still, their cause spoke to me.

Actually, it spoke to me through my husband, Bill. I said something like, “I like the idea of bikes, the teaching of mechanics, the providing of transportation. I’m just not sure we can correlate it to education.”

And Bill said, “You can’t go anywhere if you can’t get there.”

So, there are these bikes. And there is this organization.

And I wish I could hook them up. There are a lot less-worthy hook-ups out there.

What do you think I could do?