I spend a lot of time trying to be better than I am. Blame it on my birth order (eldest). My zodiac (Virgo). My personality tests (Type A, Driver, blah blah). I worked hard to earn the nickname, “Perfect,” even though my mother-in-law knew I was far from it.

Recently, I took into my home a few things that were slightly damaged. As a collector of antiques, I recognize that this diminishes their value, and yet it does not. Chipped is the new “desirable” for me.

Shirley was a bit of a klutz. She was certain to drop a glass, chip a vase, burn a skillet. Don’t get me wrong. She had beautiful things. But one of her favorite lines was, “They’re just things.”

You might want to assume that she came from great wealth and had no need to hold on to material possessions. That wasn’t the case. She said she never wanted to care for them so much that the loss of them would make her angry.

She also had these signs in her home: “Life is too short to be small.” And “Because nice matters.” She wasn’t talking about a nice vase.

Do you have a stranglehold on something? Is there something you’re trying to make perfect, even though there is no perfection this side of heaven?

Consider owning and embracing the chipped, even if it’s just beautiful you.

Note: I wrote this prior to the death by suicide of the quite famous Kate Spade. This news is fresh and there are sure to be details released, but we do know that depression does not discriminate. Let me assure you that someone wants you, someone cares, and that someone will not mind your chips and imperfections.

National Suicide Hotline 1.800.273.8255  Chat: https://suicidepreventionlifeline.org/

(Photo: Crystal vase with an incredibly beautiful chipped base.)